Keep Calm and Travel On: Where Kids' Smiles Meet Tidy Miles

Introducing the Harris family – where I, a single mother, and my two energetic sons, double as their personal chauffeur on our travel escapades. Tired of the chaos that ensued in the backseat, I set out on a mission to turn our journeys into moments of peace and joy. Crafting our product with love and high-quality materials, I’ve transformed our car rides into enjoyable experiences. With designated spaces for iPads, snacks, and drinks, everyone has their own little kingdom, keeping the car tidy and the kids entertained. Plus, with thousands of downloadable coloring pages included, young artists can unleash their creativity on the tray’s base, which doubles as a white erase board, adding an extra layer of fun to every adventure. So hop on board and join us in making every trip a calm and smiling adventure!